For the Florida Gators, it was a valiant effort in Tallahassee against the top-ranked Florida State Seminoles. They pushed FSU to the brink and it all came down to a final pass from Treon Harris late in the fourth quarter that sealed the win for the Seminoles.

Let’s take a look at the play.

On the Gators’ final drive, Florida failed to really do much on offense. Forced to drive the length of the field for a potential game-winning touchdown, the Gators only advanced down the field on an 11-yard run by Treon Harris and on a defensive pass interference call.

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After three straight incompletions deep downfield from the 50-yard line, the Gators faced a final try at extending the drive.

When you look at the play, it came together very well but in the end poor execution cost the Gators.

On 4th and 10, the Gators line up with four wide receivers as the Seminoles only rush four. The rest of the FSU defense backs up into a zone defense.

The offensive line provides great protection as Harris is able to drop back and even step into his throw with plenty of room to operate.

FSU’s zone defense leaves open a wide-open spot in the middle of the field, which sophomore wide receiver Demarcus Robinson heads toward on his post route about 20 yards downfield.

Because of the great protection, Harris gets off a great throw and rockets it toward the middle, but throws it behind Robinson, who is forced to jump up in the air and reach back for the ball with his momentum taking him the opposite direction.

Robinson gets a hand on the football, but is unable to haul it in. Game over for the Gators.

When looking at the play, it’s tough to put all of the blame on Robinson. Yes, he did get a hand on the ball, so theoretically as Florida’s best receiver, you would think he’d be able to make the grab.

But Harris did Robinson no favors.

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With that much space in the middle of the field and hardly any pressure in the pocket, Harris needs to complete that throw and hit Robinson in stride— no doubt about it.

As far as reads go, Harris made the best decision. Clay Burton was down the left sideline but the safety help over the top would have made that a tough throw to make. Running back Matt Jones appears to have an opportunity for a first down, but he gives up on the route a little too soon and pretty much makes himself unavailable.

With what he had downfield, Harris made the right read, but just failed to execute the throw. And unfortunately for the true freshman, it was the difference between a loss and potential Florida upset victory.