Urban Meyer may be one of the most successful college coaches in the game’s history but he certainly wouldn’t be the first touted college coach to fail at the NFL level.

Steve Spurrier, Butch Davis, Chip Kelly, and even Nick Saban all failed to achieve much success as head coaches in the NFL.

So how can Meyer, who has no previous experience of any kind at the NFL level, stand out at the game’s highest level?

That’s something Deion Sanders was asked during a recent appearance on The NFL Network. The way Sanders sees things, Meyer is in a prime position to succeed in Jacksonville.

“Urban Meyer is a winner, he is a winner. I feel like he has a good staff, a pretty darn good quarterback,” Sanders said on the show. “He’s going to have some hiccups but if there’s any division that he could have hiccups in, it’s that horrible division that he’s in right now. There’s only one decent team in that division, and they got in their new quarterback in Indy.”

While Meyer may not have much experience at the NFL level, Sanders also noted that he’s been impressed by the staff assembled in Jacksonville and the draft selections made by the Jaguars under the new regime.

“Urban Meyer is a winner, I like his staff that he assembled. I know the type of ball that he’s going to play,” Sanders continued. “Did a really good job in the draft, we’ll see if that pays dividends, but I like the young kid (Trevor Lawerence).

“I just want to see how the young kid handles adversity. I don’t think he’s ever been up against adversity, and I guarantee you in Jacksonville, he’s going to have some adversity.”