Urban Meyer has had a difficult season with the Jacksonville Jaguars and it continued on Sunday with a loss to the Tennessee Titans, 20-0. It was the Jaguars’ fifth straight loss, as they dropped to 2-11 on the season.

After the game, Meyer talked again about the report from Saturday that said he called his assistants “losers.” Earlier Sunday, FOX Sports insider Jay Glazer reported that Meyer denied calling his assistants losers, but admitted that he was hard on them. Despite all the reported internal strife, Meyer also told Glazer that he still believes that he has the full support of Jacksonville’s ownership.

Asked about fixing what’s wrong, Meyer replied, “What’s the answer? Starting leaking some information or nonsense? That’s garbage. … If there is a source, then that source is unemployed. I mean, within seconds.”

H/T Albert Breer.