Urban Meyer is off to a rough start with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The latest example came from CBS Sports NFL Analyst Pete Prisco, who revealed on “The Da Show” that he’s heard that some players aren’t fans of the tactics Meyer brought with him from his days as a successful college football coach, Fox News reported.

“He’s got to change a few things. He brought a bunch of college-like things to the program, which I don’t necessarily agree with,” Prisco said. “And I’ve heard some of the players aren’t thrilled with him either, including having a microphone on the field – one of his assistants on the field during practice with a boom mic, telling everybody to hydrate and hustle and get to the next period.”

Meyer named No. 1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence the starting quarterback on Wednesday, even though he received some blow back for prolonging the competition. Prisco believes Meyer’s track record will take him a long way. But it will be more difficult than college.

“It’s a lot different when you recruit guys to your school and have a bunch of the top players than it is trying to build something,” Prisco said. “So, it’s going to be a challenge. I’m not giving up on what he can do in his first two games. I don’t think that’s fair to him or the quarterback. But they’re not off to a good start.”