Utah suffered a brutal loss to Florida in The Swamp on Saturday night. Trailing 29-26, the Utes had the ball inside the Gators’ 10-yard line.

But then the Gators’ defense came up huge, with DB Amari Burney snagging a diving interception in the end zone to seal a Florida win.

After a tough loss like that, all you want to do as a visiting team is get out of town in a hurry. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for the Utes. As you can see below, the Utes’ team plane had trouble, leading to a lengthy delay. Players were spread out all over the airport trying to get some rest:

Such are the perils of traveling such long distances for games, but hopefully the Utes get back to Salt Lake City soon.

Kyle Whittingham’s crew still has a lot to play for this season, including a second-straight Pac-12 title, despite the loss to Florida in Week 1.