Alligators can be an aggressive animal — perhaps too aggressive for this day and age.

At least, that’s what University of Florida president Kent Fuchs says in his April Fools video message to Florida fans. In the below video, Fuchs vows to rid the Florida campus of all alligator imagery and promises to “drain The Swamp”:

Longtime Florida coach Steve Spurrier played along with Fuchs’ joke, promising to do everything in his power to “Save The Swamp,” a nickname for Ben Hill Griffin Stadium that he created in the 1990s, including launching a massive social-media campaign:

Spurrier calls Fuchs’ idea the “dumbest idea a university president has ever had” and promises to do what he can to protect the name and the Gators.

#SaveTheSwamp is getting some action over on Twitter, with a mix of people who are playing along with the joke and people who are outraged that President Fuchs would even propose such a ridiculous thing:

Happy April Fools Day, everyone!