There were a few major college football analysts who had Texas in their College Football Playoff field, so they had to cross off a team after Week 1.

CBS analyst Brian Jones’s pick made it to Week 2, at least, but after picking Florida to be in the field of four Playoff teams, the Gators went down at home to Kentucky on Saturday night.

On Tuesday night, Jones was forced to explain himself after the Gators’ big loss:

“They had 18 players returning,” he explained. “And who’d won two of the last three SEC East titles? Florida. Who has defeated Georgia three of the last four years? Florida. I admit I was wrong, but it’s still the second week of the season.”

Indeed it is only the second week of the season, but that loss showed that Florida still has a long way to go to be in Playoff (let alone SEC East) contention. Better luck next year, Brian!