Everyone loves an underdog story, and there have been plenty in the NCAA Tournament over the years.

On Monday, FOX Sports host Colin Cowherd gave the nine teams that he thinks can win the NCAA title, but he also named one “dark horse” candidate that could surprise everyone.

That dark horse was none other than the Florida Gators, who Cowherd said

“Florida is very interesting,” he said. “Good coach — I don’t know if he’s great — good coach, tremendous experienced backcourt, they’ve got an NBA player. I saw them beat Kentucky twice, I saw them take Duke down to the final shot, I saw them hit … like 100 three-pointers and beat Gonzaga, I saw them beat Cincinnati. They’re a team that, if they get down early, they have the athletic and scoring ability to catch up. They can have a bad half and still win.”

Cowherd’s nine teams that he thinks can win the tournament are Duke, Villanova, Kansas, Michigan State, North Carolina, Arizona, Gonzaga, Virginia and Michigan, but he says it would be unwise to sleep on the Gators this March.