It’s not often you see videos of punters delivering big hits, but that’s exactly what Florida’s Johnny Townsend did on Saturday night against Kentucky.

In order to draw attention to his big hit, though, he had to tweet the video out himself, which he did on Monday morning.

As you can see below, Townsend launches a 61-yard punt and then takes issue with being double-teamed by Kentucky blockers, smashing into one and knocking him to the ground:

Why the Wildcats felt the need to have two players blocking the punter is fair to question, but Townsend made the most of his opportunity to hit someone.

As the Gators prepare for Vanderbilt this weekend, it’ll be interesting to see how many blockers the Commodores assign to slow down the big-hitting punter (who, it should be noted, has a history of trolling opponents after big wins).