Florida Gators superfan George Edmondson, known as Mr. Two Bits, died Tuesday at the age of 97.

The Gators released a video tribute to honor Edmondson, and in it, he explains the genesis of the iconic cheer.

Edmondson didn’t attend the University of Florida, but the cheer started in 1949 when he came to a game because his friend had some extra tickets. The team was terrible, and everyone was booing. So, Edmondson decided to take it upon himself to cheer for the team. It then went on to become a staple for the Gators.

Edmondson retired from doing the cheer in 2008, and now, UF invites celebrities to do the cheer before the game.

“Two-Bits, Four-Bits, Six-bits, a Dollar. All for the Gators, Stand Up and Holler!”

Below is the video tribute released by the university: