FOX Sports college football reporter Bruce Feldman recently offered some insight on Chip Kelly and the potential that he could be returning soon to coach college football.

Kelly’s name came up when Feldman joined the Rich Eisen Show on Monday. Eisen asked Feldman if he thought there was a chance Kelly could be Florida’s next head coach.

“I think there’s a chance,” Feldman said. “I think Florida has real interest in him. They’ve been terrible on offense the last decade. To me, he’s the most innovative, best offensive mind in football.”

Feldman insinuated that the Gators job might be more attractive to Kelly than SEC East foe Tennessee because there would be fewer off-the-field engagements to deal with.

“Florida doesn’t have this as much as Tennessee … Tennessee has this real fish bowl quality of it,” Feldman said. “If you’re the head coach there, you’ve got to do a lot of stuff. And a lot of guys don’t want to deal with that. I don’t think Chip Kelly would want to deal with that.

“At Florida, you don’t have as much of that. The thing is, Chip Kelly could load up with talent in that state. I think what he has to consider is, ‘If I pass on Florida … If I can get Florida and I don’t take it, where do I end up?'”

Feldman added that he doesn’t think Kelly would be a good fit at Texas A&M, though he did note that he thought Kevin Sumlin would soon be out as the Aggies’ head coach.

Check out the full soundbite below: