Recently, Florida players went wild when redshirt senior ATH R.J. Raymond and redshirt junior OL Nicholas Villano were put on scholarship by coach Dan Mullen.

By releasing the moment when the two players were surprised with the scholarships, it was a big break from the standards set under former coach Jim McElwain.

Why didn’t McElwain ever surprise players with scholarships? Former Florida walk-on QB Luke Del Rio said on Wednesday that it was because McElwain would sometimes quietly take those scholarships back from players. Del Rio explains McElwain’s alleged shady actions around the 7-minute mark of the below video:

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“This is not the first time that R.J. Raymond has been put on scholarship and nobody knows that,” Del Rio said. “R.J. was put on scholarship January 2017. Why did you not hear about it? Well, when Coach McElwain was at Florida, he would never do the, ‘You’re on scholarship’ surprise videos — whole team goes nuts. He would do these private meetings — and I would know because I walked on at Florida. I was a walk-on at Alabama and Florida.

“So, he’s put on scholarship, silently, like I was. The team wasn’t notified, nothing. Every half year … you are sent a letter — an official scholarship letter stating here’s what you’re going to get paid. Well, R.J. got his letter — and this happened to several people, all of the dollar values were goose eggs. Now, if you can think of a better way to more passive aggressively tell somebody they are no longer on scholarship, tell me. You’re a f***** coward if you do that.”

Why would McElwain take the scholarships back? Del Rio says it was to give them to other incoming recruits:

“They said they needed scholarships for a recruit,” he said.

These are some interesting allegations from Del Rio, and if they are true, it’s really not a good look for McElwain.