Most times, if an interception return goes more than 100 yards, then the player has typically scored a touchdown at the end of it.

That wasn’t the case for Marcus Maye on Sunday.

The former Florida safety notched an interception during the final seconds of the New York Jets’ game against the Denver Broncos. He picked off Case Keenum in the end zone, then had an impressive return in which he evaded several defenders and ran across field.

However, Maye didn’t score as he began to slow down near the end of his return and was tackled at the 1-yard line.

Fortunately for Maye, the Jets were ahead, 34-16, and they didn’t need the points to pull out the win over the Broncos.

Even though Maye didn’t score, it was still an impressive return. But next time, he may have to save a little bit more of his energy to finish strong.

Maye is in his second season in the NFL, both with the Jets. It was his third career interception and his first of the season.