Ohio State coach Urban Meyer announced recently that he’d be retiring from coaching after this year’s Rose Bowl.

Meyer cited health issues, which is what he said when he retired from Florida back in 2010 before taking the Ohio State job a couple of years later.

On Friday’s episode of “First Take” on ESPN, former Florida QB Tim Tebow opened up about Meyer’s health struggles, dating as far back as 2009. As you can see in the video below, shared on YouTube by ESPN, Tebow details how he would make sure his coach was eating and drinking:

“I’ve been worried about his health since 2009, since the season when I saw him deteriorating every single week,” he said. “He was taking the stress of the job into every single game. During the weeks I would go into his office [during lunch], and I would say ‘hey coach, eat. I’m sitting with you so you will eat while I eat, so we eat lunch together.’ And we did that for a year, because I wanted him to eat. I would bring him smoothies so that he would drink, because his health is something that matters so much to me and so many people, including his family.”

Will Meyer return to the sidelines in a couple of years again? That remains to be seen, but for now, he’s calling it a career once again.