With all the turmoil and turnover at the quarterback position in Florida, it’s safe to say Gator fans wish USF QB Quinton Flowers was in blue and orange.

However, Flowers — one of the best quarterbacks in the nation this year — decided on a different path and ended up with the Bulls.

That, he said in a recent interview, is because then-Florida coach Will Muschamp didn’t want to recruit him as a quarterback:

“That’s the same coach that recruited me at Florida and didn’t give me a chance to be a quarterback,” he said. “It was a great feeling knowing that you were going against a coach who recruited you but didn’t recruit you as a quarterback and you’re going against him and seeing that the team that he put together over there, you get to go out and show them that you can accomplish anything.”

USF took down Muschamp’s South Carolina squad 46-39 in overtime of last year’s Birmingham bowl, something Flowers took a lot of pride in.

USF defeated San Jose State 42-22 on Saturday night and has some lofty expectations this fall. Flowers probably wouldn’t mind another chance to show off his skills against an SEC program.