Florida coach Dan Mullen addressed a lot of different subjects in his Wednesday SEC media teleconference. One of the more notable topics was the new role Marco Wilson will be playing for the Gators defense down the stretch.

Wilson is expecting to still play the regular cornerback role at times, but he will also be at nickel corner too for the rest of the season.

Mullen discussed what it takes to line up at multiple positions on defense, saying in order to be great at it, “you have to understand the defense as a whole.” He added that Wilson does understand the entire defense and has a “great future in front of him” as a defender who plays multiple spots.

Florida will visit Missouri this Saturday. Kickoff is at 12 pm ET, and then the Gators will finish the season at home against Florida State.

Here’s what else Mullen said during his teleconference Wednesday:

  • On Erroll Thompson: Knowing him, we recruited him. Tough nose football player, understands the game, puts himself in a position to make plays. He will thumb you when he hits you. One thing we used to always do is player development and we would discuss that and redshirting and how it could help them… It’s not an easy decision, it’s a mature decision… the guys that have the maturity to look at that usually have a lot of success.
  • Jabari Zuniga and Amari Burney? Same as we were on Monday.
  • On CFP rankings: That’s what makes the SEC different. If you look at the rankings and the schedule and the quality of the team you play week in and week out, that’s why players want to come here, you are playing in the biggest games each week and most kids want to play in the NFL and this is the closest thing to it. It’s a huge challenge because the schedule you have to play that other teams don’t have to play.
  • On overcoming depth issues this year: It’s changed practice a bit, not a ton, just to make sure we are keeping guys healthy to get through. depth decreases per injury so we have to get these guys to the game. I think our assistants have done a really good job ob putting guys in a position to make plays and developing young guys… our guys have bought in. our leadership has helped to see that and understand that.
  • On Chad Morris being let go: I think it’s always tough. I’ve known him since his days at STehpendville HS. One thing that gets missed is — not just chad, but there are people that have moved their family, moved their kids.. .but when you make a coaching change, there a lot of people that go with that. there’s a lot of families that will be moving.
  • On the Arkansas job: I think everyone, when we have been out there, I would love to play them move… when I was out there, they have nice facilities, good support and always seems like a good area to live. I would think there are qualified people that are interested in the job.