Florida is coming off of a historic loss on Saturday, losing to Kentucky at home 27-16 for the first time in 31 years.

Kentucky’s run defense held the Gators to just 128 rushing yards while Kentucky’s offense flourished, racking up 454 total yards.

The Gators host Colorado State on Saturday, who are coming off of an upset victory over Arkansas last week. Here’s what coach Dan Mullen said during the SEC Coaches’ Teleconference Wednesday:

On where the program is after the UK loss?:

  • The attitude part is good. We have a lot of work to do to get better. We’ve not seen any resistance to that… it takes time. We watch the film and ask, ‘Is that as hard as you can go?’ If the answer is no, we ask why… The attitude if positive, looking at the program and how to solve it.

What did you notice from the seniors at your other stops and translate to UF?:

  • You have to be able to count on those guys but, everyone is an individual. It’s hard for me to count on the next Anthony Dixon. I don’t know if that guy is here… You have to rely on the seniors you have… hopefully they see the direction we are heading. Those guys are still important to the program and where we are heading.

Thoughts on Feleipe Franks performance:

  • He has continued to improve. He played better game 1 than he did in Game 2. Those are important things as he continues to grow.

On Preston Williams:

  • He’s a great player. They move him around to get him in different spots to get him the ball. He has size and speed. He also has the ability to get yards after catch. He’s an excellent talent.

Does it help you that CSU just played an SEC team?:

  • Probably helps them a little bit more because they just played an SEC team. It probably gives them confidence coming in here. They fell behind in all there games but they fight back.

What is your level of familiarity with Mike Bobo?:

  • I know Mike but I don’t know if we’ve coached against each other much. I know we have but can’t recall… I don’t think our paths have crossed for a few years… He changes personnel really well.