Will Grier is rapidly becoming my favorite SEC player despite not yet fully securing the starting quarterback job at Florida.

It’s becoming a trend in 2015.. quarterbacks doing better off the field than on the field.

Is Grier the most interesting individual in SEC football today? He’s got a solid resume. Let’s have a look.

Resume Builder #1: Famous Brother

Will Grier might be awesome, but his brother is even better. Nash Grier is an internet sensation. The young Grier has over 12 million followers on Vine alone. Check out some of his recent work:

Resume Builder #2: Chest Tattoo

Following in the line of AJ McCarron, Grier has a really nice tattoo going on his chest. Will the chest tattoo lead to national championships like it did with McCarron? Time will tell.

Can't help but smile when I'm with ya

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A photo posted by Jeanne O'Neil (@jeanthang) on

Resume Builder #3: Semi-Famous Girlfriend

Jeanne O’Neil is the young lady with Will Grier on the social media photos. She also was a cheerleader for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last season.

Fire the cannons #mnf 🏈❤️💀

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Ok, Grier, time to play quarterback. Ladies and expanding that chest tattoo can come back into focus in the offseason.