Here’s what Will Muschamp had to say after the Florida Gators’ 24-19 loss to Florida State.

Will Muschamp, Florida

Opening Statement

“We had our opportunities certainly early in the game, especially start of the game. Extremely well defensively. Had a hard time generating much of a run game, especially early in the game. When you get the turnovers early in the game, you have to capitalize on them, you can’t kick field goals. We had to kick field goals in those situations. Had a hard time getting the ball down the field in some situations, but extremely proud about how we played defensively … We needed to stay away from explosives and that’s what we did in the game. They had some explosive runs, but make them earn it. You give up 17 points to an offense like that, give Jimbo [Fisher] and those guys credit. Offensively, we hit some explosives. We hit D-Rob down the sideline, we hit Brandon Powell early in the game. It was a silly penalty by Latroy [Pittman] and knocked us out of field goal range … Our guys fought hard, we had our opportunities and we didn’t get it done. You credit that other football team and they did the things they needed to do to win the game. That’s why they’re sitting where they are.

On Tevin Westbrook’s drop

He’s had some opportunities to make some catches. In that situation, catch the ball. That’s really the message. Catch the ball. You could argue about throwing it in traffic, this, that or the other. We put you on scholarship at Florida, catch it.

On if FSU loss was a fitting end to the 2014 season

“I think so. We’ve had our opportunities. You look at two other games where we had the game in hand and had our opportunities to get it done and we didn’t get it done. That falls on my shoulders and that’s why they’re looking for a new coach.

On emotions following his final game at UF

“I’m just upset about the loss right now. The other stuff, I’ve moved on. Carol and I are excited about the next step, I can assure you of that … I’m extremely disappointed for our football team right. They got a good team and they do a good job. We had our opportunities and didn’t get it done.”

On Gerald Willis’ penalty

“If I were still the head coach, he’d be kicked off the team. Ridiculous.”

On Treon Harris

“He’s a tough young man. He’s going to be a really good player. How he’s handled himself throughout this season has been outstanding in my opinion.”

On what held his team back this season

“We don’t throw the ball consistently very well.”

On throwing the ball with two minutes left

“Well in the situation, we have to go 80 yards I thought it might be a good idea to try and get some vertical throws.”

On how he wants to be remembered

“Just a guy that did it the right way. I hold my head walking out of here. We did things the right way, but we didn’t win enough games. I was asked to clean up the program and we did that.