A 13-year old called in to the Paul Finebaum show to express his unhappiness over the job that head coach Mark Richt is doing with the Georgia Bulldogs football program.

Carson from Orlando is a Georgia fan, and he thinks Richt should have more results than he’s shown. He asks the question, “How many more chances should [Mark Richt] get to make a national title run?”

“I’m 13 years old, and I think that… well, maybe not this year, but steps need to be taken sooner rather than later, because what’s been the improvement over the last five years? I think he’s had enough talent for [national championships] to be a staple…he hasn’t been able to do enough with [talent] to make a national title run.”

Richt’s approval rating among the 15-and-under crowd seems to be dropping.

Georgia won its opening game against Louisiana-Monroe by a score of 51-14. The Dawgs play Vanderbilt next Saturday.