Aaron Murray watched as Georgia’s offense sputtered in a 41-24 loss to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game last month.

QB Stetson Bennett IV threw for 340 yards and 3 touchdowns against Alabama the first time around, but he also had 2 costly interceptions.

So, how will Bennett and OC Todd Monken change things up this time around? Murray joined “McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning” on WJOX on Thursday to break down what he thinks will be different with Georgia’s offense on Monday in Indianapolis:

“They’ve got to run the football,” Murray said. “And I think you have to establish the run game and understand who you are. I think that was part of the issue when you go back to that game in Atlanta. I think they started feeling — and it started to affect them — feeling the pressure of ‘Hey, we have to match big play for big play.’ Alabama’s out here getting explosive plays, they’re getting 70-yard touchdowns, like, I need to do that.

“Georgia’s not that. That’s not their identity. Their identity is running the football, taking care of the football, eating up the clock, playing great defense. In my mind, there were times Stetson could have run the football and he tried to force it down the field. Just take the 5 yards, take the 6 yards. Establish the line of scrimmage, dominate up front. …

“Maybe take a shot here or there. You have to keep the defense honest, but just keep moving the ball methodically down the field. I also want to see James Cook continue to be a big focal point in this offense. I just think he’s too good out of the backfield, he’s too good when he gets matched up against linebackers and safeties. To me, when Georgia has their best offensive games, it’s when James Cook gets the ball a ton.”

Will Georgia take that advice to heart? We’ll see how Monday night’s title game plays out soon enough!