Aaron Murray didn’t hold back on this one.

During his recent appearance on The Saturday Down South Podcast, the former Georgia standout was asked how the Bulldogs would have fared against Notre Dame back in 2012 after losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

After Alabama beat Georgia in the 2012 SEC title game, the Crimson Tide went on to destroy Notre Dame 42-14 in the BCS National Championship Game.

Murray believes the Fighting Irish would have suffered the same fate had they played Georgia in a four-team Playoff.

“We would have faced Notre Dame in the first round probably, because we would have been the 4 seed,” Murray shared on the show. “It would have been Notre Dame 1, Alabama 2, Oregon 3 and we would have been 4. We would have faced Notre Dame. We would have beat the living crap out of them just like Alabama did. So, it would have been a rematch against Alabama or would have played Oregon.

“So, we all know what happened in the SEC Championship Game. Two elite teams just slugging it out; so, who knows what would have happened. I guarantee you we would have most likely had a rematch against those dudes.”