The Georgia quarterback position has been among the most discussed in college football following the loss to Alabama.

Stetson Bennett’s second half struggles have folks asking if the Bulldogs can win a championship with him at the position. Bennett had played well through the first 3 games, but he couldn’t overcome some deficiencies against the Tide’s defense, namely 3 INTs.

So, naturally, fans are asking why 5-star USC transfer JT Daniels isn’t playing yet. He’s been cleared medically, but he has yet to make an appearance. Part of that is because Bennett has played so well, but now, with the bye week, could UGA see more of what Daniels has?

Former UGA quarterback Aaron Murray is wondering if Daniels is really that good or even fully healthy.

“For those that are clamoring to get JT in the ball game, there’s something going on,” Murray said on Sirius XM SEC Radio, via 247Sports. “These coaches aren’t just hiding JT in a closet and trying to piss fans off by not playing him. If he was the best quarterback, he would be out there. He would actually be the number two guy in case something happened to Stetson. But as of right now, D’Wan (Mathis) has been the number two guy. They’ve had a couple of blowouts.

“You go back to the game against Tennessee and the Auburn game was well in hand in the fourth quarter. If they wanted to give JT an opportunity to play, they would’ve gotten him in those games and see what he can do. The fact that he has not gotten any reps, the fact that it seems like D’Wan is the number two guy if something did happen to Stetson, maybe he is not fully healthy.

“He was cleared or maybe he’s just not that good. These coaches get paid a lot of money. They know what they’re doing. Todd Monken is a great offensive coordinator. If he was the guy and that good, he would be playing. I just want people to get off that train already. If he’s going to play and he’s the guy, the coaches are going to put him out there. Right now it seems they are going to ride with Stetson. Mauve during the bye week they’ll get JT more reps or they’ll get D’Wan more reps.”

The UGA quarterback position will be under the microscope for the rest of the season.