Alabama isn’t have the season many projected it to have, falling to 7-2 with a 32-31 overtime loss to Georgia in its most recent outing.

Several questions remain as to just what the future looks like for the team now and if there is a new dynasty team in the making. College football analyst Aaron Murray points to Georgia here after the Bulldogs just won a national championship and stand a strong chance at taking home yet another national title with the way they’re rolling undefeated this season.

And that may not be the end of it, either.

“I think Georgia wins this year, and I also think Georgia wins again next year,” Murray said in a recent media appearance. “You look at what they’re bringing back. That is a young defense, and that defense just held the number one offense in the country to 13 points.”

It will be interesting to see how things play out, but there is no question that Georgia is making a strong case for itself to consistently be one of the most dominant programs in the nation.