Aaron Murray’s mother does not like Auburn.

Murray’s mom, Lauren Goodhart Murray, posted on Facebook Friday afternoon about the time her son took cheap shots from the Tigers in a game in 2010.

Ironically, Auburn brought in Nick Fairley, who was chiefly responsible for some of the questionable hits on Murray, as an honorary team captain on Saturday when the Tigers hosted No. 1 Georgia.

Was it an intentional troll job?

The elder Murray is still resentful toward Auburn. She said the illegal shots the Tigers took at her son in 2010 caused him to need eight stitches under his chin, in addition to having a fractured sternum and whiplash.

“I dislike Auburn immensely,” Lauren Goodhart Murray said. “It’s hard for a mom to forget the day she watched cheap, dirty, illegal shots taken on her son over and over again that amounted to a fractured sternum, 8 stitches under his chin, whip lash (so bad the Dr. said it was worse than patients who are in major car accidents), and lastly, a contusion to the leg that finally brought him down.

“As Aaron was squirming on the field in pain,” she continued, “… surrounded by medical staff, the Auburn fans were on their feet cheering while Fairly strutted around like a peacock getting accolades and cheers from adults, students, parents and coaches.

“My disdain for Auburn has not lessened, I’m still bitter!! So I’m a hypocrite, and like all the good hypocrites, I feel justified.”

See her full Facebook post here.