Arik Gilbert hasn’t been practicing with the Georgia Bulldogs for a while now as he deals with what coach Kirby Smart called a “personal issue.”

Whether or not Gilbert plays for the Bulldogs in Week 1 against Clemson, or at all in 2021, for that matter, remains to be seen.

According to Gilbert’s mentor, all-time great Georgia WR Terrence Edwards, fans should be sending their prayers and positivity to Gilbert. During an appearance on “DawgNation Daily” recently, Edwards said he doesn’t like seeing all the entitlement and “next man up” attitudes from Georgia fans (via DawgNation):

“My biggest issue is that a lot of people in the DawgNation feel entitled to know what’s going on with the young man,” Edwards said. “The young man is dealing with a situation, and it’s none of anyone’s business with what’s going on. Coach Smart told everyone that it is a ‘personal issue’ … the man needs your prayers and your positivity. He doesn’t need all the speculation and rumors — that are just not true about the young man.

“I have had to bite my tongue a few times this week on social media just because of a very few select fans. All I ask from everyone is just to pray for the young man. Whenever he’s back, let’s cheer him on then. But all this other stuff … he has a mother, a brother and a grandmother. How do you think they feel reading all of this … knowing their child is in need of prayer and positivity?

“That bothered me this week, and I was ready to get that message out there. Just send him all your love and prayers, and not all of this ‘next man up’ crap. He’s a person, at the end of the day.”

Whether he ever plays football again or not, hopefully Gilbert is able to work through whatever is happening in his life. According to Edwards’ message, it sounds pretty serious.