The college football world will be watching Athens, Georgia, Saturday night.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish come to town to take on the Georgia Bulldogs. College GameDay will be present, and thousands of fans will flock to catch the nation’s biggest game.

Two years ago, Georgia went into Notre Dame and took down the Irish 20-19. Then-freshman Jake Fromm led the Bulldogs with 141 yards passing and one touchdown, while Sony Michel provided another one.

That Jake Fromm isn’t this Jake Fromm, and Irish head coach Brian Kelly knows it. He discussed Fromm’s growth Thursday night on his radio show, via

“Certainly coming in as a freshman [two years ago], he was tentative at times. He’s not tentative at all,” Kelly said. “He is going to fit it into tight windows. He is going to be smart with the football. He doesn’t turn it over. I think his completion percentage is at 75. I don’t think they throw swing screens and spot throws. A lot of offenses, if you really crunch the numbers, there’s spot throws and swing screens and garbage throws that gets you up to 75 percent. He doesn’t have any of those, which is extraordinary. If you’re really looking at him, you’re like, ‘he’s pretty good.’ They do keep it fairly simple offensively. They’re sitting down in zones and they’re taking shots because they wanted to get their offensive receivers to grow. It’s a young group, extremely talented, and they’re coming on, and they’re going to be really good offensively once these receivers continue to mature. So, early on they gave them some very simplified passing concepts and they did a great job with them. We’re going to have to do a great job against them.”

Kelly’s offense will be going up against a very talented Georgia defense, too. The Notre Dame head coach knows Kirby Smart’s defense isn’t too complicated, but UGA has the guys to execute whatever the coaches call.

“They’re very good and Kirby is very smart. What he does really well is he matches up. His personnel is a matchup defense,” Kelly said. “He’s going to put guys in position that match up against our guys and they’re not very complicated defensively, but he does a really good job with his personnel. He’s going to match up his personnel against our guys and we’re going to have to see where we may need to support some of our players along the way. We’re going to have to make some protection checks. We’re gonna have to do some things along the way, but it’s not a very sophisticated defensive structure. It’s about personnel. He’s going to put his Jimmy’s and Joe’s against our guys and he’s going to put them in a position where they can succeed.”

Notre Dame and Georgia kickoff Saturday night at 8:00 p.m. ET on CBS Sports.