ESPN did its best to come up with a formula to rank the best schools in the nation at producing elite players at specific positions but when it got down to the running back position, once they realized they left Georgia off the list, they should have known it was time to toss out their equation and start over.

That’s not what happened though and now we have a list of the top 10 “Running Back U” schools with arguably the best one not even making the cut.

You can read ESPN’s full analysis they are calling “Position U” over at It should be noted that their criteria for this list begins at the start of the BCS era, so 1998 to the present.

Here is specifically how they came up with their rankings for each position group:

ESPN Stats & Information dug deep into the numbers, culled details on all-conference performers, All-Americans, NFL draft picks and stars from the pro ranks, and came up with a formula to determine the official rankings for the schools best at producing quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, running backs, linemen, linebackers and defensive backs.

We limited the debate to the BCS and CFP era, including all players who appeared in games from 1998 through last season.

Based on ESPN’s formula, here were the 10 teams selected as the best “Running Back U” programs in recent college football history:

#1 Alabama

#2 Wisconsin

#3 LSU

#4 Oklahoma

#5 Miami

#6 Pittsburgh

#7 Texas

#8 Oregon

#9 Arkansas

#10 Auburn

If 10 schools really did have better running backs than Georgia in recent history, we must have missed that because D’Andre Swift, Elijah Holyfield, Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Todd Gurley, Knowshon Moreno and Musa Smith as a group rank higher than most on this list.