The recent news of JT Daniels’ immediate eligibility for 2020 has brought increased national attention to Georgia’s quarterback room.

College football coaches everywhere envy the QB competition that has Kirby Smart has on his hands. Wake Forest transfer Jamie Newman was hyped as a potential Heisman Trophy candidate this offseason ahead of the news on Daniels, a transfer quarterback who signed as a 5-star prospect at USC.

On Twitter, Newman immediately started trending after Daniels’ announcement as many people started considering him the odd man out with Daniels now an option for 2020. At least two college football experts are saying pump the brakes on Daniels over Newman talk.

247Sports Director of Scouting Barton Simmons was recently asked about the Georgia QB competition on the Cover 3 Podcast. Simmons opined that Daniels would have the upper hand if all things were equal but that may not be the case this fall. He noted that Newman has a leg-up on Daniels when it comes to time spent in the program as the earlier transfer. The Wake Forest transfer could also have an advantage based on the offensive scheme.

“[I]t depends a little bit on how they’re trying to shape this new offense, like what the idea is or what it’s supposed to look like,” Simmons said. “If you’re trying to make it more of an offense that incorporates some quarterback run, incorporates some zone-read I think that obviously Jamie Newman would have the edge. I also think Jamie Newman would have to have some sort of edge since he’s been preparing with Georgia’s staff for a while as an enrollee.

“All things being equal, that’s a tough question. I guess I would lean JT Daniels on that.”

PFF’s Anthony Treash thinks it’s an easy call to go with Newman over Daniels. His tweet below offers a quick summary of his linked premium article:

Newman may enjoy revisiting those July 13 tweets if he gets the nod over Daniels.

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