After a 37-10 drubbing at the hands of LSU in the SEC Championship, Georgia picked up its second loss and effectively eliminated itself from College Football Playoff contention.

On ESPN’s CFP Rankings show on Sunday, host Rece Davis spoke with College Football Playoff Chair Rob Mullens about how involved Georgia really was in the discussion, and his answer might surprise you.

Davis posed the question, “Was there no other choice at No. 4 other than Oklahoma?”

“Well, that conference championship and second win against Baylor moved them into the No. 4 spot” said Mullens, “we did spend some time talking about Oklahoma and Georgia, but in the end it was a solid Oklahoma selection for the No. 4 spot.”

Davis replied, “So, Georgia was in the picture even after the loss to LSU?”

“Well, we put them on the board because we want to be thorough so that we consider everything. So, we did have Oklahoma and Georgia on the board and Oklahoma was the No. 4 team” responded Mullens.

From Mullens’ comments, it appears as though Georgia was the only other team to sneak in the No. 4 discussion, although it was clearly going to go Oklahoma’s way after the Sooners beat Baylor for the Big 12 title.

Although two losses were too much for Georgia to overcome, being in the conversation as the committee finished out the top four would indicate that the Bulldogs will finish as the fifth-ranked team in the final top 25.