The Georgia Bulldogs are No. 5 in the latest College Football Playoff rankings, but they have a certain path to the final four in front of them — beating Alabama in the SEC Championship Game.

However, there’s a question as to why the Dawgs aren’t currently in the top four, as Michigan has the No. 4 spot in Tuesday’s rankings.

On a conference call following the release of the rankings, CFP chair Rob Mullens discussed the Bulldogs’ resume and also touched on why Michigan is ranked ahead of them:

Q: You mentioned on TV briefly the committee’s reaction to Georgia the last three weeks. Can you elaborate a little bit more about the conversation around the Bulldogs?
A: “Sure. Obviously their last three wins were extremely impressive, and the bounce-back from the loss at LSU. You look at those, coupled with their only loss to a ranked LSU team, we see a very competitive team, strong defense. Offense continues to make strides. That’s why the committee has them fifth.”

Q: I’m kind of following up a little bit, but more specifically, why is Michigan ranked ahead of Georgia?
A: “Well, I mean, Michigan has a very strong resume. They’ve won nine games in a row. Only loss is to the No. 3 ranked team on the board in the first game of the year, and again, they’ve got wins over Northwestern at Northwestern, at Michigan State, and a dominant win over Penn State, the No. 1 defense in the country. Strong resume.”

Again, Georgia fans won’t be sweating their ranking, as the path to the Playoff is there. Yes, it will be incredibly difficult to beat Alabama, but that would likely have to happen at some point if the Dawgs are going to win a title.