Chris Doering was not surprised about Georgia’s defensive performance on Saturday in the lopsided win over Florida. Doering has seen the Bulldogs do it all season.

It’s not only a great accumulation of talent, and a great plan put together, but Doering said it’s about execution. He was on “SEC Football Final” on Saturday night on the SEC Network.

“It’s doing the ordinary things extraordinarily well,” Doering said. “Gang tackling, holding a guy up so somebody can come in and strip it. Tips and overthrows, you talk about it, we got it have it defensively, they get those. If a quarterback stares down a receiver, we’re jumping it and taking it to the house. So it’s doing the little things really, really well consistently that makes this unit such a great defense collectively.”

Gene Chizik went a step further.

“This is a generational defense, and if you use this LSU 2019 offense as the offensive equivalent, that’s what this Georgia defense is right now and what it means,” he said. “They can take this defense and ride it all the way to the national championship game. Because the offense wasn’t perfect, but you don’t have to be when you have a defense that plays like this.”