Hoping to beat the Georgia Bulldogs this season? ESPN’s Chris Fowler has a formula to follow.

Georgia has been dominant all year. At 9-0 on the year, 7-0 in SEC play, a No. 1 ranking in every poll, and a defense leading college football in scoring and yards per play, the question is popping up all over the place: Who can down the Dawgs?

On the McElroy and Cubelic in the Morning radio show Tuesday morning, Fowler talked about what kind of team it would take to beat Georgia:

“All of us have felt like there’s a gap,” he said. “How big is the gap? Offensively, Georgia is not going to match those other two teams you mentioned. I don’t put them in that category of dominance because I still think there are some limitations on offense. They’re not going to overwhelm you, but defensively they’re so good they don’t have to. They’re playing to the strength of their team. They don’t have to score 50 points a game and throw upper-cuts from the opening bell, right?

“They know they’re going to be really tough to score on. They haven’t really been seriously threatened. To me, Alabama looks like (a threat). And I don’t mean to say that they’re not fully aware of the challenge of playing Alabama, they are. I just think when they look at it and see some vulnerabilities on offense, they’ll cook some things up for the Tide.

“Obviously, they know stepping in there in Atlanta, that’s a serious challenge. Now beyond that, you do have to use your imagination. You look at, OK, there are quality teams out there but you have to talk about matchups. Can you hold up against Georgia’s running game? You have to make (Stetson) Bennett beat you or have them bring (JT) Daniels in off the bench cold. You have to make them throw to beat you. So, you’re talking about a team that’s stout enough to hold up in front and then have an experienced quarterback that’s going to be able to sort through some stuff pre-snap and then make quick decisions and have escapability. I think that’s sort of the package of things it would take just to hold up against them. They’re a dominant No. 1 for a reason.”

So, good luck with all that.

Georgia is on the road in Knoxville on Saturday for a game against Tennessee (5-4, 3-3 SEC). Kick is set for 3:30 p.m. ET on CBS.