Cole Cubelic understands what Ohio State is up against in the Peach Bowl against Georgia, and still believes the Buckeyes have a chance to be successful. But he’s not offering a guarantee in that regard, however, it’s still feasible and possible.

“Georgia doesn’t have a dominant edge presence defensive, I think that helps Ohio State,” Cubelic said, and then noted that the Buckeyes’ offensive line is a bit overrated.

Cade Stover, the Ohio State tight end, also adds a dynamic for the Buckeyes as well.

“CJ Stroud doesn’t rely on stepping up in the pocket over and over and over again,” Cubelic said. “Now they can work the middle of the field. They’re also really good on the perimeter; they’re also really good down the field outside the hash. … If Ohio State is holding things down on the edge, that could be a massive reason they find some success in the passing game. Me personally? I go into this game just airing it out.”

Cubelic said setting up play-action plays, and run-pass options are not going to work against Georgia, so Ohio State shouldn’t even worry about them.

Cubelic called Georgia the best precision-blitzing team in college football that he’s studied.

“That means, if you’re Ohio State’s offensive line, you better be on your Ps and Qs,” he said.

His comments about Georgia and Ohio State begin at the 21:30 mark: