Cole Cubelic was asked if he would pick Georgia or the field to win the national championship, and the SEC Network analyst and WJOX co-host chose the field.

Speaking on the Zach Gelb Show, Cubelic explained that even though the Georgia rushing attack has been great in recent games, Cubelic would still not classify the offense as “high-powered.”

“If you can physically match up with them up front, it’s kind of why I think the SEC Championship Game is going to be closer than people think, I think the LSU defensive line physically is going to be able to hold up,” he said. “That front 7 will hold up. Georgia does not just play bully ball out of the gate.”

Cubelic noted Brock Bowers is a complete mismatch, but added that Georgia is not overly dynamic at wide receiver.

“There are games that they don’t necessarily force-feed him the football in a manner that I think they should,” Cubelic said. “I just don’t think overall they have as many guys that you just can’t handle, and can’t deal with and can’t manage on that defense. Specifically at the second level. They don’t have the erasers that they did a year ago at the second and third level.”

Opponents will want to stay away from Kelee Ringo, and handle Jalen Carter, Cubelic said, “but they’re not all over the place like they were a season ago.”

TCU and Southern Cal will spread out opponents, and LSU adds a quarterback run to the equation, and Cubelic believes those kinds of strategies can neutralize Georgia’s strengths.

Cubelic is interested to see how Georgia’s offense would respond to being in a high-scoring game. And he said that Michigan can hold up better this season in a heavyweight bout against Georgia.

“It would be an absolute bloodbath, it would be beautiful football,” he said.