The bad news for Kirby Smart is his program had to recently report a few recruiting violations to the NCAA.

The good news is those violations have been deemed Level III violations, which are the least severe when it comes to NCAA rules violations.

According to Marc Weiszer of the Athens Banner-Herald, Georgia’s athletic department has reported a total of seven violations to the NCAA — two stemming from Smart’s football program and recruiting.

According to the Athens Banner-Herald’s report, one of Georgia’s assistant coaches had illegal contact with some junior prospects during his visit to a high school. That coach was banned from recruiting off-campus for 15 days and banned from recruiting on-campus for 30 days as a result.


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The other violation occurred when a Georgia player gave a recruit clothing, which is apparently a violation. The recruit was forced to donate to charity to make up for the clothes he was given.

Given clothing may be a violation but forcing someone to brave the elements in the fall is apparently fine by the NCAA.

Georgia’s gymnastics, softball, women’s golf and equestrian teams also reported Level III violations to the NCAA.

You can read more about the details of each case over at the Athens Banner-Herald site.