A week out from the national championship Game, ESPN’s College GameDay crew broke down the matchup between TCU and Georgia.

Host Rece Davis said he thinks that the Bulldogs will have a challenge with TCU’s offense, which dropped 51 on Michigan on Saturday.

“Georgia’s defense is going to have its hands full,” Davis said. “You’ve got receivers that are in the elite realm, maybe not quite Marvin Harrison, but Quentin Johnston’s right there.”

Kirk Herbstreit also thinks TCU’s offense can give Georgia problems, citing its ability to create huge plays that swing momentum.

“This team is one of the best at creating explosive, which is always big in these championship-type games,” Herbstreit said. “Georgia’s defense is vulnerable on the back end. It better be ready to defend that.”

David Pollack talked about the way Georgia struggled to defend CJ Stroud on the ground, and believes the Bulldogs will have to do better against Max Duggan, who is known for creating plays on the ground.

“Max Duggan, that’s what he does best,” Pollack said. “He knows how to buy time, he knows how to scramble.”

Desmond Howard countered Pollack’s point, saying the Bulldogs will be ready for Duggan next week and that Stroud caught them by surprise.

“If they’re not ready for Duggan, that’s just poor preparation,” Howard said. “I was shocked to see that from CJ Stroud, but it was great to see… They’ll be ready for Max Duggan.”