Georgia has played its way into another New Year’s Six bowl game under Kirby Smart, earning a spot in the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

This time, the Bulldogs will play the No. 8 Cincinnati Bearcats, who are undefeated and fresh off an American Athletic Conference Championship win over Tulsa. While discussing the matchup, SEC Network analysts Chris Doering and Gene Chizik took note of Cincinnati, saying that Georgia should not take the Bearcats lightly.

“First of all, think about Auburn playing UCF a couple of years ago” said Doering (via 247Sports). “They were completely not into playing that game at all. I think there’s a motivating factor a chip on the shoulder of these group of five teams dating back to Boise where you got to be there a couple of times to prove your worthiness. It happened, again as I talked about with UCF, and now Cincinnati feels like they should have been considered for the College Football Playoffs. Never really were given a chance.

“They have some elements including a great coaching staff, a tremendous quarterback, and a defense that is lights out. If Georgia doesn’t come locked in, they could get embarrassed on it on a big stage which certainly would set that program progression back.”

Chizik agreed, adding that Cincinnati would have much more to gain from a win than Georgia.

“If you beat Cincinnati by two touchdowns, that is what you were supposed to do. If you don’t, you’re the goat. But let’s look at Georgia and you talked about that loss to Texas a couple of years ago” said Chizik. “Remember last year, going into the Baylor game in the Sugar Bowl, where everybody thought, Georgia was down I don’t know, eight, nine starters, defense, offense, and they beat Baylor into submission. So that’s the mindset they’re gonna have to go into this game with.

“I don’t know if they will but let’s remember, they just finished their season on a big-time up note with a 49-14 win over Missouri. A three-game winning streak. the chance for them to win a fourth game in a row and by the way, beat a top 10 team? That should be motivation in itself.”

As Doering alluded to, Cincinnati likely feels hard done by due to the fact they were hardly considered for a spot in the College Football Playoff.

Cincinnati will be ready for Georgia. Will Georgia be ready for Cincinnati?