Georgia isn’t in the College Football Playoff hunt, but the CFP selection committee’s ranking for the Bulldogs has seemingly everyone talking.

Kirby Smart’s Dawgs came in at No. 9 in Tuesday night’s poll, the first Playoff rankings of the season. CBS Sports analyst Danny Kanell called the top-10 ranking an “absolute joke.”

“At 5-2, to come in at No. 9 is an absolute joke. It shows the love affair that the committee has with the SEC, which is okay some years,” Kanell said on the CBS Sports HQ live-stream of the rankings reveal. “This year, Georgia’s supposedly dominant defense was shredded by both Alabama and the Florida Gators. Where is this dominant defense supposedly coming from? They have one (impressive) win, which is okay against an Auburn team that came all the way back in Week 2.

“Is the committee saying based on one game with JT Daniels that somehow this is a top-10 worthy offense all the sudden? I simply do not get it where the Georgia Bulldogs come in as a top 10 team. It is ridiculous. The only thing they could possibly say is it is brand recognition and a blind love affair with the SEC. This year, if you’ve watched the entirety of the conference, is not as good as it has been in years past.”

Not everyone agrees with Kanell. ESPN’s Greg McElroy defended UGA’s ranking.

[H/T Austin Nivison, 247Sports]