One of the keys to the game on Saturday night in Athens is how Georgia will contain Notre Dame QB Ian Book, who is among those most elusive around.

ESPN college football analyst, and former Georgia pass rusher, David Pollack outlined how the Bulldogs should defend Book.

“When you’re a pass rusher, your No. 1 goal is to get by the tackle, those tackles aren’t small,” Pollack said in an interview with local Georgia media, including 960 The Ref. “So you want to run around them, not through them, typically. So you try to get the edge and you try to bend and get around the corner and get to him. Well, when you do that, against a guy like Ian Book, he steps up into the pocket and now there’s nobody there.”

Georgia has struggled to find a consistent sack artist in recent years, and don’t have a player in the top 15 in the SEC in sacks this season. But the Bulldogs are second in the SEC as a team with 12 behind Florida’s 16.

“So it becomes more speed to power,” Pollack said. “Which means I try to keep him in the cage. I try to keep the hamster on the wheel. Not let him out. You try to rush with gap integrity and twist the tackle back into him as opposed to trying to sack him all the time. I’m just telling you, I want my sacks, I want my numbers, dude. I don’t want to just get pressures and keep the guy in the cage. So that will be a huge deal. Last year, SEC Championship Game, Georgia stunk at it against Jalen Hurts when he came in the ball game. They’re going to have to be better at it.”