Some of the more frequent questions to Kirby Smart at regular press conferences are about the offense, and if there is any change in the quarterback pecking order. In recent weeks, he has largely had the same message that Stetson Bennett is the starter, and while the other quarterbacks get work, Bennett gives Georgia the best chance to win.

It is an irritating issue for the fan base, who are looking for more from the offense, and pointed to the lackluster showing against Kentucky in a win, but hardly a convincing offensive showing last week.

On the most recent episode of CFB Podcast with Herbie, Pollack and Negandhi, ESPN analyst David Pollack said it comes down to how the offense is managed, and the types of plays the coaching staff elects to attack the defense.

“If you’re the University of Georgia and that’s the offense you’re going to run, I understand like Kentucky’s not a threat, Kentucky’s not going to score, you know that,” Pollack said. “It’s very clear Kentucky’s struggling to complete forward passes, they’re not a good offensive team. But if I’m looking for development, Kirk, and I’m trying to improve my team, I’ve got to trust my quarterback. Because next week, 14 ain’t going to cut it against Florida. I’ve seen Stetson Bennett do some good things against Alabama, I’ve seen Stetson Bennett do some good things against Tennessee, Florida’s defense ain’t a world-beating defense by any stretch of the imagination, but I’ve gotta be able to trust my quarterback. If I’m going to run the ball 75,000 times and I’m just going to throw screens and dink and dunk, then why not let D’Wan Mathis do that, who’s 6-foot-5, 200 pounds and a freak of an athlete and by the way, he’ll open up the running game, he’ll open up the boot game, he can throw screens. It’s interesting they’re not finding their pulse.”

Then Pollack shifts to a long-term issue facing the problem, and something that has been a topic of debate within the fan base. How different would it be if Ohio State QB Justin Fields had not transferred from Georgia?

“Georgia’s been a quarterback away for four years,” Pollack said. “A great quarterback, an awesome first-round quarterback away, a Justin Fields quote unquote away from winning a national title. A Justin Fields away, something like that would be the difference in Georgia winning a championship. And if you’re following what I’m saying there, you should be following what I’m saying because they had Justin Fields on their roster for God’s sakes. It’s just Georgia’s struggling offensively and we’ve done this song and dance for several years and it seems like they’re still in the same spot.”