David Pollack understands some of the problems Georgia had the last 2 weeks in lackluster wins over Kent State and at Missouri. His “College GameDay” colleague, Rece Davis, said he was not bothered by the “sleepwalking” by the Bulldogs.

“There’s something to be said about that, that means there’s a lot of youth,” Pollack said. “That means there’s immaturity on the team. When you look back at last year’s team, I think one of the most important things we looked at was, ‘Dude, these are a bunch of grownups.'”

Without that veteran experience, Pollack said there’s inconsistency about being motivated to turn in a good performance each week.

“I don’t think it speaks well for the maturity of the team, I think the offensive line got absolutely manhandled, which is a big problem,” Pollack said. “You need balance to be able to run the football, I think there’s an issue at left guard. They’ve got a bunch of running backs going, I think they need to find maybe their best one or 2.”

When it comes to focus and leadership, Georgia needs to correct those mistakes, Pollack said, or else there will be some tough games down the stretch.