Defensive line coach Tracy Rocker no longer a member of Georgia’s coaching staff

Apr 16, 2016; Athens, GA, USA; Georgia Bulldogs head coach Kirby Smart coaches during the second half of the spring game at Sanford Stadium. The Black team defeated the Red team 34-14. Mandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

The busy day in assistant coaching news in the SEC just keeps going as Georgia defensive line coach Tracy Rocker is no longer a member of Kirby Smart’s coaching staff.

Rocker served three seasons as Georgia’s defensive line coach and was named the team’s associate head coach starting in 2015. Smart thought so much of Rocker, he kept him on from former coach Mark Richt’s staff.

Known as an elite recruiter, some of the prospects Rocker landed at Georgia include current defensive linemen Trent Thompson, Jonathan Ledbetter, Julian Rochester, Michail Carter, Tyler Clark, and Malik Herring.

A native of Atlanta, Rocker played his college football at Auburn. During his playing career, Rocker was a two-time All-American and won the 1988 Outland and Lombardi Trophies.

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  • Dawgpost is saying there was some kind of argument with Aubrey Solomon’s Mom which ended any shot UGA had with Solomon. I could see that being a reason he was let go. Kirby don’t play when it comes to recruiting.

    • If that’s true, that’s very interesting. Either way, losing Rocker hurts. He’s a great coach.

    • that was a baldfaced lie, and they should have to retract that lie……my belief is it was concocted to give him cover for letting go of a person who wasn’t a yes man to him…while choosing to retain a coordinator who did as lousy of a job as could possibly be done.

  • It seems like more HC’s are placing much more emphasis on recruiting. This could hurt player development if these programs aren’t careful. These 4* and 5* guys can’t coach themselves. I’m afraid Orgeron is falling into this trap also.

    • In the short term, it works. How do you think Clemson turned it around in 2-3 years? In 2010 they lost to South Florida in a bowl game. Got destroyed by WVU in 2012.

    • It’s apparently deeper than that. I posted above, he allegedly got into an argument with Aubrey Solomon’s Mom. There’s was also some scuttlebutt about having to be the one to tell Murchison we didn’t have room for him… so it may be that Rocker didn’t want to be a part of not living up to his word or something. Either way, they’re not reporting it as a firing. It’s the cryptic ‘he’s not with the program anymore’. Maybe the truth will come out.

  • I’m a little shocked UGA would fire Rocker…he’s a great coach. But I also found it odd that he ever went back to college football. The reason he left Auburn was because he was tired of the 365 days of recruiting. He wanted to be in the NFL so he could spend more time with his family. Best of luck Rocker!

  • Big mistake Kirby that was one of the few bright spots on the team last year. Get ready 8-5 7-6.

    • yeah bc the kids on the d line will forget everything they ever knew and without him they won’t be a bright spot on whats going to be a filthy defense. Comments like this are hilarious. Who knew a DL coach would cause a team to lose extra games. This also assumes Kirby doesn’t hire someone as qualified or more highly qualified. Thanks for your input Rick.

      • Your right they were going to lose 5 or 6 games with or without Rocker. Im sure Rocker had nothing to do with the defensive line being very productive last year despite being one of the youngest groups on the team. I find it hilarious despite Georgia losing 5 games last year and looking like a high school team in many . I guess anyone who doesn’t think Kirby is the right man for the job then they have no idea what they are talking about.

        • I really hope you’re a UGA fan because you appear to be way too emotionally invested in this.

  • Hey Kentucky needs a defensive line coach. Come on up man.

  • Kirby should have hired Craig Kuligowski when he was available now he’s in miami having a tremendous impact (#2 scoring defense in the acc 12th nationally).

    My top 5 DL coaches:

    1) Craig Kuligowski (best dl coach in the country)
    2) Inoke Breckterfield
    3) Mark Ivey
    4) Jess Simpson (I always wanted Jess to coach the dawgs in some capacity)
    5) Chris Wilson