Deion Sanders had a legendary college career at Florida State. It turns out, Prime Time had the chance to line up for Georgia, but with a caveat.

If you know anything about Sanders, his confidence is through the roof, so caveats don’t cut it. The new coach at Colorado took a trip down memory lane to recall when Georgia recruited him in the 1980s.

Coach Prime gave an animated explanation about his experience.

“When I went to the University of Georgia for a visit, I walked through the little walkway and my curl froze. I ain’t coming here. Ain’t no way in the world. Why would you invite a kid from Florida to a visit in December? That’s the dumbest thing. That’s the dumbest bit of recruiting,” Sanders said. “Then Vince Dooley to top it off said ‘Mr. Sanders, I hear you’re pretty good. I tell you what. Why don’t you redshirt? You’re going to really contribute with us.’ I said ‘Sir, with all due respect, I’m better than everything that you’ve got out there, what I just saw.’ They just lost to Georgia Tech. You gon’ tell me about a redshirt?”

Things ended up pretty well for the former cornerback, who is a member of the College Football and Pro Football halls of fame.

Sanders takes over a Colorado program that has 1 winning season since 2006. Sanders spent the last 3 seasons as the coach at Jackson State, where he amassed a 27-5 record.