Details surrounding arrest of Georgia DL Devonte Wyatt emerge

News of Georgia DL Devonte Wyatt’s Tuesday night arrest spread on Wednesday morning. More details have emerged regarding the situation.

Per Dawgs247, the UGA Police Departement states that a 911 call was made on Feb. 21, by someone who chose to remain anonymous, stating that a black male and female were fighting at McWhorter Hall. The caller also described what the two people were wearing. When two university police officers arrived at McWhorter Hall, they observed the two i

ndividuals matching the caller’s description and attempted to speak with both. Per the police report, the female stopped but Wyatt walked away “at a brisk pace” and entered Vandiver Hall. The report details that officers entered Vandiver Hall with the female and were speaking with her when Wyatt came back through the lobby area where he was detained by one of the officers.

The report continues, stating that the officers learned that the female had been in Wyatt’s room at Vandiver Hall before going back to her room at McWhorter Hall and that Wyatt had allegedly followed her and kicked the exterior door of her apartment “multiple times from the hallway.” The officers observed that the door was d

amaged and jarred open as a result. The police noted a pattern of cohabitation, which explains the “family violence” charge showing on Wyatt’s record from the incident, along with criminal trespass and damage to property.

UGAPD’s report details that one of the investigating officers appeared before a judge on Feb. 24 to present a warrant for the arrest of Wyatt. The judge found cause to sign the warrant and Wyatt was then notified of the warrant by the officer and turned himself in.

“I’m disappointed in the misconduct that is outlined in the incident report,” Georgia coach Kirby Smart said a statement released to the media. “This is not indicative of the behavior we expect from our s

tudent-athletes who represent the University of Georgia and our football program. We will address it internally in the appropriate way.”

Wyatt played in 13 games in 2019, making 30 tackles and recording 27 quarterback hurries. He’s played in 25 games over the last 2 years. Wyatt signed with Georgia in the class of 2018 after playing for Hutchinson Community College in Kansas.

The Bulldogs will start spring practice next month and hold the G-Day Spring Game on April 18.

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  • Football players shouldn't be living with girlfriends while trying to balance life as a full-time college student and division I football player. That's a horrible idea that would harm her just as much him.

    • Well it doesn't sound like they were living together currently.

      I'm setting the over under before the Gaturd fans arrive at 11 minutes.

        • Don't forget us Gumps. We love to go to any article about anything and make stupid and/or disparaging comments like 2nd and 26. Hope the kid can get through this with the help he needs. RTR and fAuburn.

    • What? Every athlete should get their own rooms because it’s too much to play ball, go to school and deal with a roommate. What a dumb statement.

      • I'm not saying that. Huge difference between rooming with one of your fellow players and a live-in girlfriend.

    • Why should football players be denied the same opportunity to live with a girlfriend that every other college student gets. They aren't robots.

  • It’s always a bad look when a player gets arrested for any reason and the hope is that details will emerge sooner rather than later. In this case it seems that his emotions got the best of him for some reason and he made a mistake which, without the anonymous caller, would’ve most likely gone unnoticed. This could be a blessing in disguise for the young man as the charges are minimal. Hopefully he can get some help to help control his anger outside of the playing field. I’m
    sure Kirby will have him running a lot and maybe even make him run 2-3 team in spring.

    • I agree..It was beginning to sound as if he may have placed his hands on the woman and then it would've been all downhill from there had a 911 call hadn't been made.

    • “allegedly followed her and kicked the exterior door of her apartment ‘multiple times from the hallway.’ The officers observed that the door was damaged and jarred open as a result.”
      Without the anonymous caller, the situation probably would have escalated into something far more serious. This was not a “mistake.” How would you feel if your sister or daughter were on the other side of that door? He followed her; he didn’t walk her back to her room. Clearly, for whatever reason, she was done for the night. This was not just a “mistake.” He needs internal AND external help. They both do.

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