You won’t find many college football players prepared to handle adversity as well as Devon Gales but the former Southern football player continues to show that the challenges thrown his way won’t stop him from being successful in life.

The latest sign of that comes this week as Gales has been named an assistant coach at Jefferson High School in Georgia.

If you aren’t familiar with Gales, he was the former Southern football player that was paralyzed back in 2015 in a game against Georgia in Athens. Georgia kicker Marshall Morgan was the one that delivered the unfortunate hit on Gales and instead of any animosity between the two young men, they have become friends in the aftermath of the incident.

Interestingly enough, Gales was not seeking a coaching job but after speaking at Jefferson High School, head coach Gene Cathcart believed Gales would be a great addition to his Jefferson coaching staff.

Here is a video produced by Access WDUN sharing further insight into the news and Gales reaction to landing his first coaching job: