An argument over the ability to change the television channel during last week’s Georgia-Kentucky game led to gunfire in a middle Georgia home, a sheriff’s office said.

A Milledgeville woman allegedly opened fire on her parents after her father would not let her change the TV channel from the Georgia game. The incident involved Tambria Chaprii Palmer, 28, who was arrested in Baldwin County, according to the Macon Telegraph. Palmer is unemployed and living back with her parents, according to the sheriff’s office, and faces six counts of aggravated assault, four counts of cruelty to children and one count of reckless conduct.

“I think it’s a culmination of things but the last part of it was dad was going to watch the ballgame and she wanted to watch something else,” Baldwin County sheriff’s Capt. Brad King said.

Palmer grabbed the remote control and changed the channel while her father, Darrell Palmer, was watching the Bulldogs play the Kentucky Wildcats, according to sheriff’s office incident report.

The two argued and Darrell Palmer turned off the television, prompting his daughter to try to turn it back on but he blocked her.

He told investigators “his daughter then began cussing at him and attempted to hit him in the face,” the report stated.

He grabbed his daughter and sat her on the couch but she continued “cussing” before he let her get up. She went to the bedroom stating “she was going to send everyone in the house to hell,” according to her parents’ account shared in the report.

Darrell Palmer thought he heard the sound of a “gun chambering a round” and went toward the bedroom where Tambria was sitting on the bed with a handgun in her lap, the report stated.

She allegedly pointed the gun and fired a shot, which sent her father scrambling to get out of the house.

Tambria Palmer’s mother, Le’Trice Palmer, was holding her newborn granddaughter when she heard two shots and ran out of the house.

As Le’Trice Palmer headed across the front yard and toward the neighbor’s house, Tambria Palmer was chasing her and continuing to fire the gun. Le’Trice Palmer fell multiple times while dodging the bullets.

“She threw the gun into the bushes, into the hedges,” King said. “She shot every round in the magazine.”

Officers drew guns, ordered Palmer to the ground and arrested her.

“It’s a tragedy for a family to go through that but we’re extremely pleased we didn’t have anybody hurt. Actually, I’m on the verge of being amazed,” King said.