The Georgia Bulldogs held their annual Pro Day Wednesday with several scouts and NFL head coaches in attendance.

All eyes were on RB Elijah Holyfield, too. Post-NFL Combine, everyone has been talking about Holyfield’s 40-time, and not because it was fast. He ran a slow 4.78 official in Indianapolis, and he needed to redeem himself Wednesday.

Unfortunately, that didn’t happen, as he ran 4.78 or slower, according to multiple folks in attendance. He certainly didn’t help himself.

Following another disappointing day in the 40-yard dash, Holyfield responded to his critics.

“I try not to worry about it,” Holyfield said of the criticism that came after the combine, via 247Sports. “I have confidence in myself. I can play football. I might can’t run the fastest 40 in the world but I can play football better than a lot of people.”

“I would say that it shows I have quick feet and that I am fast,” Holyfield continued, as he believes he’s faster than what his 40 indicates. “I’ve outrun many people, ran through tackles, ran around people, so I can do it all.”

Do NFL evaluators put too much emphasis on 40-times? It’s arguable. After all, former Georgia back Terrell Davis ran a slower 4.72 40 at the Combine, and he had an illustrious career. No doubt Davis had game speed though. The question is whether Holyfield does.

All it takes is for one NFL team to believe in him, and he’ll get drafted higher than believed.