The Georgia football program is going through a rough week after losing to South Carolina at home on Saturday. Despite the Gamecocks playing a large portion of the game with a third-string quarterback, the Bulldogs fell to their first SEC East opponent since 2016, losing in double overtime to South Carolina, 20-17.

Georgia’s difficult week continued Wednesday when ESPN placed the Bulldogs on its “Bottom 10” heading into Week 8.

Here’s what ESPN senior writer Ryan McGee said about why Georgia made the list:

As I departed Athens on Saturday night and stopped for fuel among the nearby outlet malls of Commerce, Georgia, an older gentleman dressed in a well-worn Herschel Walker jersey approached from his truck with bourbon breath, wobbly knees and two fists full of boiled peanuts and Old Trapper beef jerky. “Hey, ESPN guy!” he garbled. “We gonna be in that damned ol’ Converted Fifth Sport, ain’t we?” Then, spotting the orange “T” of my alma mater in the back window of my pickup, he declared that he was going to run over me “like Herschel did to Bill Bates!” But instead, he threw his arms around me and cried. I’m pretty sure it was Ray Goff.

The combined record of the other nine teams on ESPN’s “Bottom 10” this week is 9-46, and only one other program with a winning record made the list. In that sense, it’s probably unfair to include 5-1 Georgia on such a list, but McGee’s point is well taken that Georgia’s not feeling very good about its program at the moment.

The Bulldogs will be looking to bounce back against the Kentucky Wildcats at home this Saturday.