Georgia’s “new-look” offense looked a lot like the old offense on Saturday against Arkansas, struggling to a 7-5 deficit at halftime before pouring on 22 points in the third quarter to take an insurmountable lead.

Yes, the Bulldogs eventually won by the lopsided score of 37-10, but it wasn’t the effort many fans were expecting from new OC Todd Monken’s offense.

On ESPN on Saturday night, analyst Joey Galloway said Georgia’s offensive effort leaves him wondering if the Bulldogs are vulnerable in the SEC East race (via 247Sports):

“We didn’t think it would be pretty, but we didn’t think it would be 7-5 at halftime,” Galloway said. “Georgia doesn’t scare anybody right now. When you look around the SEC East and wonder, can somebody topple Georgia? Florida made a huge statement today with their offense, with how (Kyle) Trask played. Tennessee is a team that is recruiting over the years and we’ve just been waiting. When are they going to look like that team? They found a way to win, but it wasn’t pretty either. When you look at the SEC East, this thing is wide open.

“It will be interesting to see if Florida can continue. Because we’ve seen this before out of them where Trask is really good, offense looks really good and then they’ll have a clunker like against South Carolina last year.”

Can the Bulldogs turn things around moving forward? When will JT Daniels be cleared to play?

These are questions fans will want answered next weekend.